14 June 2024 : Out and about West Cumbria

14 June 2024 : Out and about West Cumbria

A wet day brightening up towards evening

Today started off wet, grey and windy, but by lunch time blue sky appeared and the sun came out, so I took advantage and had a trip out.

First stop was a little wildlife reserve at Workington where there were two very ellusive Kingfishers and lots of Mallards with chicks, I managed to grab a few quick photos before they flew off down the river. At dusk the sky was still blue so a quick trip up to the Moor to grab a quick glimpse of a Barn Owl flying away without returning, but I did managed to see a Meadow Pipit with its fledged Juvinile, both happily sat on the fence posts. Just as the light was fading the Oyster Catcher made an appearence at home.

Fingers crossed for a sunny start to the day and maybe some more Kingfisher pictures

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