Isle Of Mull – Scotland May 2022

We went to the Isle out of season and so there was a certain lack of facilities available, this suited us perfectly as we had rented a cottage in the middle of the wilderness and had arrived pretty much self sufficent. We hired a wildlife guide for one day, who drove us around the island and helped find some of the ellusive species we might otherwise have missed, but apart from that we did our own thing and managed to go to most of the island during our stay, including a day trip to Iona via the ferry.

We managed to tick off the Otters on the penultimate day of the trip and spent a happy couple of hours just watching them feed in the distance. The White Tailed Eagles and the Hen Harriers were a close second and again we managed to while away the hours watching them sore high above us.

We found Mull to be a wildlife haven, all be it with most things always in the distance rather than close up and personal, here the whole environment is large scale and so this comes with the territory.

From exploring the villages, isles, vallies and sea shore to sitting in front of the fire and watching the Red Deer out of the window, it was a great week away and a superb chance to feel like we were part of the wild

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