The Inner Farne Islands Northumbria 2022


The Farne Islands June 2022 ( just before the avian flu outbreak closed them for the season)

We took a boat from Seahouses and toured over to the islands, we then landed on Inner Farne which is a National Trust Nature reserve for Puffins, Guillimots, Razor Bills and Terns ( and more ) and had an hour to wander around staying on the duck board paths to avoid disturbing and of the bird nests.

The islands was packed with thousands of Puffins, Terns and Razor Bills, and we could get close up and personal to most of them, while trying to avoid being dive bombed by the Terns trying to keep us away from their nests.

This trip was just as Avian flu was becoming a problem, and the week after we visted the reserve was closed to visitors and remained closed for two years

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