20 June 2024 : West Cumbria river walks, Otters, Damsel Flies & Osyter Catchers

20 June 2024 : West Cumbria River Walk, Otters, Damsel Flies & Oyster Catchers

Sunny day with light breeze

A nice sunny day so decided on a walk by the water, and was glad I did, the Otter was out and about again, hunting for Eels in the weeds and then taking them back to the bank to share with the young, stayed mainly in the middle of the lake but wasnt bothered by the dog walkers and walkers watching. The banks were alive with Damsel flies, Swallows, Oyster catchers, Meadow Pipits and there was even a Hare running accross the open sheep field when he was disturbed by the farmer cutting his grass,

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