7 July 2024 : Barn Owl in the sunset , West Cumbria

7 July 2024 : West Cumbria

Tonight was clear and sunny for a change so I took a trip to my local Barn Owl site in the hope to see it flying, and I wasnt disapointed. I waited for and hour and a half with nothing to see apart from a few Crows, the odd Swallow and a fleeting visit by a Brown Hare, and then just as the sun was about to dip out of sight the Barn Owl Swooped over my head, and started Quartering the field next to me.

I had a wonderful quarter of an hour watching it fly before it headed off into the distance not to be seen again as they light went.

I now know roughly where and when it might fly so I will head back soon, but change my place slightly so I can get some clearer shots of it heading towards me, well thats the plan at least !

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