July 8th 2024 : Parkside and Isel , West Cumbria

8th July 2024 : Out and about in West Cumbria

The day was a sunny one for the first time is a while so I had a wander around Parkside, the garden was full of the usual suspects and the Jackdaws and Crows were trying their best to eat all the fat balls. The pond was busy with feeding Swallows and a visiting Mute Swan, I stopped briefly to snap a few shots as the Swallows landed for a rest, with the sound of a lone Oyster Catcher on the other side of the pond.

The afternoon was a little cloudy but we took a trip to the river Derwent and Isel near Cockermouth. This is a short walk along the river through wildflower meadows full of Damsel and Dragon flies, with Grey Wagtails on the river and finches and tits in the field, we were lucky to catch a fleeting glimpse of a Kingfisher, which soon disappeared in a blue flash downstream, never to be seen again. We walked back under a cloud of feeding Sand Martins just before the rain hit.

The evening was clear and bright so I thought I would try my luck with the Barn Owl, but it wasnt playing and today was a no show, but Ive added a picture from last night, I didnt include it in my last blog as its a bit blurred but shows what the Owl was hunting for so Ive changed my mind and added it for completeness

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