May 26 – 29 2024 West Cumbria

May 26 – 29 2024 West Cumbria

A wet few days with some bright evenings so not a huge amount to photograph, although that hasnt stopped me going out in the evenings to look ! At home there have been no further sightings of the Otter, so I guess he was just passing through. We have had a Whimbrel pottering around for a couple of days, the Mallards have had five chicks, and our lone Mute Swan has found a mate, so we now have a pair on the pond.

Still no sign of the Swifts returning, they are no three weeks later than last year and the year before, so Im beging to loose hope. I did manage to see three flying over Steel Brow , so some have made it back at least.

The young Hares are begining to show (Leveretes) and Ive seen a few about of late

, Meadow Pipits are still going strong with young, and the Lapwings are also out in force. Now sign of the Barn Owl flying as of yet but I will keep looking !

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