Life List of Species Seen and Photographed in the Uk and the World

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Species List : G

Updated 11/06/24

Galah : Western Australia Nov 2022

Gallinule : Common ( Galapagos )

Geese : Canada

Geese : Greylag

Godwit : Bar Tailed




Grebes : Great Crested

Grebes : Hoarey Headed, Western Australia Nov 2022

Grebes : Little ( Dabchicks )

Grasshoppers : Galapagos Grasshopper

Goldfinch : See also Finches under F

GreenFinch ( See also Finches under F )



Gulls : Black Headed

Gulls : Herring

Guylls: Great Black Backed

Gulls : Lesser Black Backed

Gulls : Lava

Gulls : Franklin

Gulls : Laughing

Gulls : Swallow Tailed

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