03 June – 11 June – West Cumbrian Wanderings!

03 June – 11 June – West Cumbrian Wanderings!

Another week of poor weather so no major days for good wildlife hunting, so I managed a few trips out looking for whatever was about. The Barn Owl was hunting but not in a pair, and not very much. I was rewarded for my trips with many many shots of his back flying away, but none of him heading towards me ! The moor was also full of Lapwings, trrying their best to scare the Crows away from the nests, and the Juvinile Stonechats are now all out on their own.

The Hares are still out in good numbers, and the moorland is buszzing with Stonechats, Skylarks and Meadow Pipits. In the garden at home the hedgehogs are out and hungry, the light nights mean we get to see them in the dusk light which is nice. On the pond there is still 5 Mallard Ducklings, but no sign of the Otter returning this week, I will of course continue to watch out closely for him.

Fingers crossed for good weather this week seeing as it is Summer !

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