02 June 2024 – Steel Brow, Frizington, a cloudy end to the day but worth the trip

02 June 2024 : Steel Brow, Frizington, West Cumbria, a cloudy end to the day.

The sun had gone today but there was no rain so I headed out to look for the Barn Owl once again. I had seen the Owl from a public footpath so I put on my boots and headed out, as soon as I arrived I saw the Owl flying back in over head and away from me, so I started taking pictures of a young Hare that had appeared at the same time. The Hare was foraging in the grass and pulling an array of faces, so much so I almost missed the Barn owl coming back out and flying towards me ! I quickly took some shots and just as quick it was gone, shortly followed by the light as the sun went in behind the clouds.

All in all I nice if brief trip out, the forcast for tomorrow is bleak so I was glad I took the chance tonight.

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