Madeira Trip 2019

Madeira 2019 – Calhetta Beach

On this trip we based ourselves at the Calhetta Beach Hotel in November, it was quiet but getting ready for the Christmas rush, we went out for a trip with Lobosonda and were lucky to see Bottle Nose Dolphins and Pilot Whales. It seems that the two species are friendly with each other and can often be found hunting togethor, today they were introducing a young Pilot Whale to the Dolphins. They spent a few hours just playing with each other before they both swam off their seperate ways.

Returning to the Marina we were lucky to see the pest controller with his Harris Hawk having lunch togethor on the harbour front, the marina suffers from a large amount of pigeons due to being next to the large cliffs , and so they employ this chap to hunt them with his Hawk, he tends to do this in the morning before the tourists are awake.

We have split these trips into sections according to years

While the island isnt great for bird life there are some wonderful marine biology centers that provide research into the sea life and many will offer trips out to the sea to help fund their work. We have used one such company three times now, they are called Lobosonda and are based at the marina in Calhetta Beach.

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