Madeira Trip 2021

We have split these trips into sections according to years

We often have a quick holiday to Madeira, as its a short flight from the UK and you can find a good bit of Winter sun without the crowds. The island is an old volcano so it has steep cliffs that drop steeply into the sea, the main tourism is based around Funchal, the capital city but we prefer to head to the North to an area known as Calhetta. Here there a few crowds, fewer children and lots of marine life.

While the island isnt great for bird life there are some wonderful marine biology centers that provide research into the sea life and many will offer trips out to the sea to help fund their work. We have used one such company three times now, they are called Lobosonda and are based at the marina in Calhetta Beach.

Included in this section are a few of the photos I have managed over the years, its not as comprehensive as some of our wildlife trips as we mainly go here for a quick battery recharge , rather than a full on wildlife trip.

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